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Deploye Expanded Metal Company was founded in 1985 and has grown to become the largest and most modern manufacturer of expanded metal products in North China. Deploye manufactures and distributes expanded metal materials worldwide offering a diverse selection of standard and flattened expanded metals and gratings. Available in carbon steel, galvanized, stainless steel and aluminum. Deploye can help you with solutions to your needs.

Deploye Expanded Metal Company is a China Industries Company. China Industries is a leading manufacturer, processor, and distributor of primarily Expanded metal materials for the building, vehicular, and industrial markets.

Deploye Expanded Metal Co. is a steel service center based in Anping Hebei. We specialize in Corrugated Metal, Expanded Metal, Perforated Metal, and Wire Mesh. We offer a wide assortment of Perforated Metal and Expanded Metal products in all alloys, sizes, and gauges. All of our metal products are available in Stainless Steel, Alumin... [Detailed]
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